10 Reasons Why We Love Amazon Prime

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Yes, I know it is a very contentious subject. But we love Amazon Prime. Here are my top 10 reasons why.

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1. Amazon has the selection to meet our family’s needs

 Whether we need batteries, toys, books, food, or small appliances, we can usually find what we are looking for on Amazon. 

2. Amazon Prime saves us money

There is a once-a-year fee to join Amazon Prime or you can pay by the month. Currently, in 2022, the fee is $14.99 per month or $139 per year. Throughout the year there are several “Prime-only” deal days to take advantage of. You can get special deals on items you were going to buy anyway. 

3. You get FREE Shipping with Amazon Prime

This should probably be listed as our #1 reason for having Amazon Prime.  I love good deals, but I HATE paying for shipping.  I know that shipping fees have gone up significantly over the past few years, so the free shipping included with Amazon Prime saves us so much money. For example, we placed 60 orders in the past 3 months. If each order just cost $5 to ship, that would have been $300 in shipping fees alone. Would we place that many orders if we didn’t have free shipping? Probably not, but it is nice to order what you need when you need it without having to wait until you have enough items in your cart to earn free shipping like other online stores. 

4. Amazon Prime comes with Prime Music

You get access to Amazon Music with your Prime membership. We don’t use this feature much, but you do get access to a ton of songs and podcasts. Of course there is a monthly fee to upgrade your Amazon Prime Music account if you’d like more features.

5. Amazon Prime comes with Amazon Video

This is probably a reason not to get Amazon Prime as the selection in Amazon Video, which you can watch for free, is not very good. You can access your digital movies through your Amazon Prime Video account though. So, maybe it’s not a complete waste of a feature. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, you can order videos through Prime Video.  Just a forewarning that if you start seeing small fees pop up, check your settings on your Fire Stick and make sure your kids aren’t able to order videos at will (just speaking from experience). 

6. Amazon Prime comes with unlimited photo storage

Amazon Photos is a great feature for Prime members. You can save all of your photos in the cloud with no extra charge. You can save videos as well, but there is a limit on video storage (with the option to pay for more). Being able to save your photos straight from all of your online sources, including uploading from your phone, is a great feature. You can also access your photos from anywhere and place orders for prints and photo products. 

7. You can earn free rewards with Amazon Prime

If you aren’t in a hurry to receive your order, sometimes you can earn free digital download rewards for choosing a later shipping date. For example, you may get a $2 credit for waiting a week to receive your order.  Do you remember I said to make sure your kids aren’t ordering videos? Well, luckily I usually have a credit for digital download rewards and haven’t had to pay for those extra downloads lol. 

8. Amazon Prime gives you access to free books, magazines, and audiobooks

With your Amazon Prime membership, you also get access to Prime reading. There is a limited selection, but you can borrow up to 10 selections at a time. There are some pretty good kid’s books as well.  This comes in handy when you don’t want to make a trip to the library. 

9. Amazon Prime gives you early access to special deals

If you haven’t heard of lightning deals, you’re in for a treat. Amazon Prime gives you early access to lightning deals. These deals are limited in time and availability. You can get some really good gift ideas from these deals, too. 

10. Amazon Prime keeps track of your past orders

With Amazon Prime, you can easily re-order the things you’ve ordered in the past. This comes in handy when you can’t remember a specific brand or size you ordered last time. This also comes in handy for re-ordering items you frequently order. 


  1. Sonia Falcon

    I love Amazon! You can get ANYTHING, any time of day, and sometimes, the prices str so good. The convience


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