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A Little More About Me

There is so much that goes on during any given day. There are many things I really enjoy doing. I love spending time with my family, cooking (and eating), making crafts (with or without kids), and finding new ways to enjoy the time we are given. Other things aren’t so fun, such as doing the dishes.

I have a love/hate relationship with doing the dishes.  It’s one of those mundane tasks that we all have to do no matter who you are.

Like many others, I was given the motherly advice to never go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes. You will find varying opinions and many blog posts on this matter (more than I ever thought would be out there).

For me, doing the dishes each night is my time to cleanse my mind from the day, like wiping off the leftovers from the dinner plate. Is it crazy to think so metaphorically about such a thing? I love knowing that I will wake up to a clean sink. My day will start a little smoother and I won’t be faced with yesterday’s mess.

It is also a time for me to process the day before going to bed.  What went well today? What am I worried about? What can I do better tomorrow? I reflect on these questions, cleaning my mind’s sink of all the thought dishes that piled up throughout the day.

Some thoughts are heavy and take a lot of scrubbing to get clean (and may require an over-night soak), like a casserole dish with burned on food.  Others take a mere rinsing to wash from my mind.

I try to focus on the positives, but the negatives find a way of creeping in, like when you think you are finally finished with the dishes and turn around to see that one last pan left on the stove (UGH!).

I remind myself that I’m having to wash dishes because we have plenty of food to eat and my favorite people are taken care of.  And for this, I cannot complain.

So before you go to bed, DO THE DISHES and clean your sink (in your kitchen and in your mind). I’ll be unloading my mind’s dishwasher right here!

Yes, tomorrow they’ll just pile up again and you’ll have to repeat the process. But, you’ll feel more calm and better prepared for YOUR Life Between the Dishes, because life doesn’t stop when the sink gets full.

Now tell me, which camp do you belong to? Team Nightly Clean or Team It’ll Get Done Sometime?


Hi! I'm Misty, the imperfect Mama behind Life Between the Dishes.  My goal is for you to find tools, tips, and resources here to help you maintain sanity through daily mom life!

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