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Tidy Up a Messy Kid’s Room: 10 Step Declutter List

Hey Mama! Is it time to finally clear the clutter in your kid's room? Spring is the perfect time to get rid of clutter and get organized. By following these 10 steps to declutter, you'll be able to tidy up that messy kid's room just in time for them to drag it all...
10 Reasons why we love amazon prime with teal heart and amazon logo

10 Reasons Why We Love Amazon Prime

10 Reasons Why We Love Amazon Prime Hey Mama! Yes, I know it is a very contentious subject. But we love Amazon Prime. Here are my top 10 reasons why.*DISCLOSURE: I only recommend products that I would use myself. This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I may...
flashlight on in a dark room

10 Best Products For When The Power Goes Out

10 Best Products When There's No Power at Home Hey Mama! You hear some thunder, you check the radar, and you start to prepare for a night with no power at home. At least that's what we do.  We live in a tornado-prone area, so we are always prepping for the next power...
black air fryer on white counter with text: Air Fryer Pros and Cons

Still on the fence? Air Fryer Pros and Cons

Air Fryer Pros and Cons for Busy Moms Hey Mama! Weeknights are rush home, get everyone fed and bathed and in the bed just to do it again.  Sound familiar?  A tool that has helped our family is the Air Fryer. I'm sharing my air fryer pros and cons for busy...


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