How to Spend Spring Break with Kids


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Spring break is a big deal in most places in the US. We begin in January planning for that one week. But plans vary from family to family. How do you spend your spring break with kids?

You’ll probably find yourself in one of three situations:

#1: Spring Break Vacation With Kids

#2: Spring Break Staycation With Kids

#3: Spring Break With Kids With No Break 

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#1: Spring Break with Kids: Vacation

So, you want to get outta town this Spring Break? 

There are a ton of options for vacations: the mountains, the beach, Grandma’s house…but there are a lot of questions you have to consider when planning a vacation for Spring Break besides destination.

1. How much money do you want to spend on your vacation?

Not only will this determine where you can go, but it will also determine how you get there and what activities you can do while you are there. 

2. How long do you want to stay gone?

There are many things to consider when leaving for a longer vacation. Do you get someone to check your mail or stop it with the Post Office? Do you have pets to care for? Do you board them or get a house/pet-sitter? Do you have elderly parents or relatives that depend on you? Who will take care of those responsibilites? How much time can you take off from work? 

3. How do you want to travel?

Do you want to fly or drive? Do you have a vehicle that can withstand such a trip? What about the weather where you are going? Can you pack enough gear into luggage on an airplane or would it be easier to drive so you can carry everything you may need? 

4. What activities do you and your kids enjoy?

Do you choose the activities you enjoy and make your kids deal with it (because let’s be honest, is your teenager really going to enjoy any activity you choose?). Do you let each kid pick an activity? 

5. Food?

Do you plan on eating out for every meal or are you going to pack food? 

6. Miscellaneous

There are many other things to consider when planning your spring break getaway. Do you or any of your family members have special needs or restrictions? Do you have a chronic illness that limits your participation in some activities? 

Need some ideas for destinations for Spring Break for families?

Tykesha at has details on more than 20 popular Spring Break destinations

#2: Spring Break with Kids: Staycation

#2: Spring Break Staycation

So, you’re off work with your kids but you can’t get away from home for whatever reason. What are you going to do with your time at home? 

Do you get the week off with your kids but want to just hang out at home? That’s cool. How are you going to fill the time? 

Parents magazine has an awesome list of 35 things you can do at home with your kids on Spring Break

#3: Spring Break With Kids: No Break

#3: Spring Break with No Break


Who is going to keep the kids or what are the kids going to do at home alone during their break?

Do you still have to go to work while the kids are out of school?

There may be a day camp option for your kids. Check with local karate and gymnastics businesses to see if they offer spring break day camps. Or if you have a park and recreation center or YMCA near you, they may offer day camps as well.

Many churches will also offer day camps during spring break. Some places will offer discounts for families with multiple children. 


What if there aren’t any day camps near you or you can’t spend that much money? Try finding a local teen who enjoys babysitting. 


Need a free option? Check with your friends and family to see if anyone can cover at least one of the days. 



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